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Are you looking for the top IQOS online store in Dubai? If so, is the place for you. For smokers who want to quit smoking, IQOS devices are a better option. IQOS devices, developed by tobacco giant Philip Morris International, heat tobacco at a lower temperature rather than burning it, releasing fewer chemicals.


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The IQOS is the new way to smoke that mimics real cigarettes and uses tobacco-heating technology rather than conventional burning cigarette tips, making it safer than traditional smoking methods. Nicotine in iQOS is delivered through a vapor-based system.

Iqos is a revolutionary new way to smoke that delivers an experience unlike any other conventional cigarette on the market today. Iqos uses real tobacco leaf as its filter instead of harmful paper, burning it just like a cigar would burn a tobacco leaf. The result is a rich tasting vapor consisting of virtually no tar or harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes.

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About the Brand:

IQOS brand is owned by Philip Morris International, an American tobacco company that markets cigarettes in 180 countries and has a presence in the United Arab Emirates since 2001 with its subsidiary Marlboro Gulf (Marlboro). The company first entered into a license agreement with Al Futtaim Group companies for Iqos products to be sold in the Middle East region including UAE. Its U.A.E operations are overseen by an office based out of Dubai.

About Our store:

Remember that, we are an online store based in Dubai, we important all the products from USA from the original suppliers. We provide wholesale and retailing products delivery. This is not official website of Iqos brand and iqos dubai have no affiliation with philip morris international.

General Queries:

1.Is iqos legal in Dubai?

Yes, iqos is legal in dubai. The UAE authority has banned all kinds of cigarettes and other tobacco products but iqos is exempted from the ban because it does not have any harmful chemicals or nicotine present in the cigarette unlike cigarettes.

2.Where to buy iqos in Dubai?

The best solution is to buy online. If you looking for the best online store available in Dubai, then you can buy from us.

3.How to buy?
Visit our website, choose the best one you are looking for. Add to cart and to for check out by filling up the form entering your address. Place the order, we will start processing your order to delivery within 24 hours.


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